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The Information Center conveniently displays all open windows, unread messages, appointments, work orders for the day, pending reminders, logged in users, and a system performance summary.  Use the expand/collapse buttons to view the details of each Information Center category.  In the illustration above, Unread Messages have been expanded to show details.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click View | Information Center.  This command toggles the Information Center display on and off as desired.

Information Center Components Defined

  • Open Windows – Displays any currently open windows.  Clicking on a listed window to display it (if it is not already).
  • Unread Messages – Displays any unread messages for the logged in user.  Click on a listed message to open it.
  • Appointments Today – Displays today’s appointments for the logged in user.  Click on a listed appointment to open it.
  • Work Orders Today – Displays today’s work orders for the logged in user.  Click on a listed work order to open it.
  • Reminders – Displays any pending reminders for the logged in user.  Click on a listed reminder to open it.
  • Logged In Users – Displays all users who are currently logged into the system, and in brackets displays the name of the computer on which they are logged.


  • The width of the Information Center can be adjusted to suit the user’s tastes.  Simply place the pointer along the right edge of the center.  When the pointer turns into a “split-pointer”, click and drag the edge of the info center to the desired location and release.
  • The Expand/Collapse buttons control the display of each component in the information center.  When one of these button points up, the component (list) may be collapsed (rolled-up) to save space.  When one of these button points down, the component (list) may be expanded (rolled-down) to display the contents of the component.

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