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HVAC Performance Based Compensation


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Do you want to implement a fair system of compensation that isn’t simply based upon punching a time clock? Do you want to create a compensation plan that rewards efficiency, hard work, professional behavior, great customer service, quality technical skills, and excellent sales results?

If you said yes to these questions, than the Mr. HVAC Performance Based Compensation system is just what you have been looking for.

  • Designed specifically for the HVAC (heating and air conditioning) industry.
  • This system was created and perfected in a real working HVAC company – not a class room.
  • This system is in use by hundreds of HVAC companies all over America.
  • HVAC service, installation, new construction, sales, and company profit sharing is covered.
  • Includes a complete set of bonuses and spiffs for selling services and accessories.
  • Includes precise policy, procedure, employee agreements, and examples.
  • All documents, charts, and tables were created using Microsoft Word 2007. These fully editable documents are included.
  • This system includes a thirty six page manual plus five pages of forms.
  • Professionally formatted and easy to modify.
  • All documents are includes as MS Word and Adobe PDF files.
  • Preview or download the Table of Contents here.
  • Download or preview a free product brochure.

This performance based pay manual includes information on how to pay technicians and sales people. We cover Performance Based pay, flat rate pay, paying based on book time, time & materials, bonuses, spiffs, commissions, etc.

This system includes documents such as T&M payroll time journal, flat rate time journal, bonus claim form, commission schedule, and more. We have even included information on how to pay a flat rate fee for new construction. This system includes all of the fee charts that you will need. This system also explains how to handle call-backs, warranty work, and more.

This is a highly popular kit because many HVAC dealers know that it makes sense to base pay on performance. The best performing athletes get the highest pay – movie stars who draw the biggest crowds get the highest pay — it only makes sense that an HVAC employee’s compensation be based on performance as well.

Performance based pay is not new to corporate America. Many businesses use performance based compensation. More and more HVAC dealers are trying to incorporate performance based compensation, but don’t know how to implement a fair system. All employees need to get a fair wage.

Perfected over years of use, this Performance Based Compensation system has been implemented by many companies throughout the USA. Performance Based Compensation system has been modified and perfected over the years. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Why use this Performance Based Compensation system? There are many possible benefits to your company.


  1. Create a clear set of rules that everyone understands.
  2. Eliminate or reduce the inevitable “I want a raise” discussions.
  3. Improve employee performance by implementing a system of rewards.
  4. Set crystal clear guidelines which must be met by your sales staff (and let them go if they don’t meet those goals).
  5. Implement a fair system of compensation that isn’t simply based upon punching a time clock.
  6. The Performance Based Compensation system is designed to be easy to implement, with clear instructions.


Why not order now? You are not going to find anything that is as comprehensive and ready to use as the Mr. HVAC Performance Based Compensation System.

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