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This topics covers what to do when there is a change of ownership with a property (like a house) or when you otherwise wish to change or remove the Parent on a Customer:Job.

Changing or Removing the Parent on a Customer Job

When a customer has financial history, you cannot break the financials.  In the instance where the parent changes or there is no longer a parent, the first thing to do would be define who owns all the prior financials.  If the new person or company is absorbing all financial responsibility and all customer locations, you may simply change the main parent address and contact information.  Make sure to note the old ownership in the customer contact log.

If there will be no ownership of past financials, you would create a new parent record and locations by doing the following:

  1. Edit the existing customer record.
  2. Right click in the customer and choose the option Copy Customer:Job.
  3. In the new customer record, update the address and contact information for the new entry.
  4. On the new record, save and close.  You will be prompted to move the equipment.  Say yes to this prompt.
  5. Right click on the old record and enter a note of the ownership change in the contact log.
  6. Repeat this process for any locations as well.  Change the parent to the new owner and update the billing address when prompted.
  7. Once you have created the new locations records, you would inactivate the original parent.  This will in turn inactivate all of its locations.  Save and close the record.

If there are a lot of locations to create, you could filter the customer list for the customer records, export this information to MS Excel, change the parent record information in bulk then import back in the new records.

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