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You have a customer that you have been working for and there are notes, records, and financial history. They move and someone else buys the property. Consider this example.

Original Owner

John Doe
8877 Bourgade Street
Lenexa KS 66219

New Owner

Nancy Johnson
8877 Bourgade Street
Lenexa KS 66219

Generally, you would NEVER change the name of the customer or perform a full merge. Here is the best practice to handle a situation where your customer moves.

From the Customer:Job list, locate and right click on the customer. Copy the customer and click yes when asked about moving their equipment. Financial history should stay with the original owner, since the transactions belong to them according to any accounting system. In the new customer record, enter a note as to what and why you copied the customer. Your notes should include the original customer’s name and other details as needed. Finally, then inactivate the original owner. If you want to look at history for the original owner, it will always be there for you.

Q: Why Not Perform a Full Merge (merge the customer records)?

A: An accountant would never recommend changing the customer on an invoice or other financial transactions, since you would never do that with a paper accounting system (as it is not even possible with a paper system). That is what merging financial records does. The merge feature is most often used to remove accidental duplicates.