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The following is a list of ideas and settings that should make your Total Office Manager operate faster.

Windows Experience Index (Rating)

If your desktop computer uses Windows 8.1 or higher, check your Windows Experience Index (Rating). Go to: Control Panel | All Control Panel Items | System

You should have a rating of 6.5 or higher. This will help assure that the desktop computer you are using runs Total Office Manager quickly.

Network Speed Testing

Be sure to have your network and network cables tested by a professional. We have seen a lot of problems such as faulty cables, ports, and switches. Most of our users underestimate this as a possibility. Please double check.

Faster Customer:Job List

Load faster, and speed up, the Customer:Job List.

Customer: Job Lists l Form Preferences

Uncheck Financial History column

Loading all financial history will slow down opening the customer: job list

To Speed up the New Payments Form.

Go to Preferences | Customer:Job | My Preferences.

Check the “Only Load Customer:Jobs with a Balance on New Payments”.

This will make the Customer:Job selection process faster and in some cases cause the form to load quicker.

Load Customer:Job List Form faster.

Go to Preferences | Customer:Job | My Preferences.

Check the Do Not Load Customer:Jobs on Add/Edit (form loads faster) checkbox.

The form will open with no information. You can still search as usual.

Open the Customer:Job List form.

Click Customer:Job | Form Preferences | Show Columns

Uncheck any column that you do not need to see.

The fewer columns displayed, the faster this list form operates. This is true will all forms and lists.

Make Forms and Lists Work Faster

Remove Unnecessary Columns

Most of the major forms and lists offer the ability to add or remove columns and fields. Remove any field or column that you do not use or need. The fewer data to display, the faster the software performs. To do this, open the list form and look for the Form Preferences option. Columns that slow the form down the most are marked with an asterisk. Uncheck the columns you do not need.

Delete Unnecessary Zip Codes

Total Office Manager includes a database of approximately 50,000 zip codes covering the entire nation. Any form that uses a zip code loads all of these when the form opens. Remove the zip codes that you do not need. Click Tools | Zip Codes. Delete zip codes that don’t apply to you and are not part of your service area. This will make zip code selection faster. Forms that include a zip code field will load faster.

To Speed Up the Enter Bills Form

Turn on the Auto Recall option

Go to Preferences | Auto-Recall | My Preferences. Check “Auto-Recall Transactions”. This will make the New Bill form load faster and auto-populate that Vendor’s last Bill information.

Speed Up the Quick Filter Search on List Forms

Go to Preferences | Quick Filter | My Preferences.

Set the  “Search Interval in Seconds” to 1.

Set the “Text Search” to “Starts With”.

This will make search results more specific, limit the search results data that is brought back and make the filtering overall faster.

Load List Forms Faster

Select the “Show Active” Default Filter on all List Forms.

This automatically loads Active Records only which limits the amount of data to load when opening any List Form in the software.

The Default Filter is remembered by User and will load information based on what was last selected in each list.

Remove Unused Data/Information

Bulk Inactivation

Go to Tools| Utilities| Bulk Inactivation. This allows you to Inactivate multiple Customer:Job Accounts that you no longer need or wish to see as Active. This will speed up forms that load the Customer:Job List for selection as well as the actual Customer:Job List.

Remove Unused Items

Go to Tools| Utilities| Item Cleanup Unused. This allows you to Bulk Inactivate or Delete any unused Invoice Items. This will speed up forms that load Invoice Items for selection as well as the actual Invoice Items List.

Merge Duplicate or Unneeded Accounts

Go to Tools| Utilities| Merge Chart of Accounts. This allows you to Merge Chart of Accounts of the same Type for duplicate accounts or simply condensing the List. This will speed up forms that load Chart of Accounts for selection as well as the actual Chart of Accounts List.

To Speed Up Write Checks Form

Go to Preferences| Checking| Company Preferences.

Check the option that says, “Do Not Include Any Cust:Jobs in Checks Pay To List”.

This will speed up the Write Checks form by limiting the data displayed in the Pay to the order of selection.

Open Lists Faster

Remove Unnecessary Columns

On a list, right-click and select Form Preferences | Show Columns

Uncheck all columns that are not necessary components of your workflow

Enable the Fast Lists Feature

The Fast Lists feature causes forms to open faster because much of the data selection controls are not pre-populated. Specifically the Customer:Jobs list will no longer auto-load on any form that allows the selection of a Customer:Job.  To select or change a Customer:Job, you would use the Lookup feature to select it.

To activate the Fast Lists feature, go to Preferences | Appearance | Company Information. You must be logged in as the Administrator to activate the Fast List feature.

Database Maintenance

Inactivate Customers, Invoice Items, Vendors, etc. that are no longer used.

Total Office Manager Maintenance

Do not keep unnecessary windows that are not a part of your workflow open.

Hide the Information Center

It takes time and processor cycles to reload this information.

Hiding this reduces network load and maximizes screen real estate.

Faster Software Updates

Speed up your software updates by sharing the update file. To do this, you will need to be logged in as the Administrator. From the main menu, click Edit | Preferences. Select the Web Updates tab and click the Company Preferences tab. Select an update file path. This is a location where the update will be stored. This makes updates faster because once the update has been downloaded; all other software users will have access to it; rather than downloading it from the internet.

Applies To: Total Office Manager
Version: All

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