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If you have a job that is going on for a long time, consider creating its own Schedule Board Profile.


We had a Total Office Manager prospect ask “We have job where we may have three or four people working there for six to twelve months.  How can I easily see the guys that are just on that job”?


Consider creating its own schedule board profile.  Name it the same as the job name…like “TGI Fridays 1234”.  In the profile setup, select the employees who will be on the job.  Now you can switch to this profile whenever you need to, and simply delete it when the job is complete.

Of course, these employees can be on other profiles as well.

If you need to send the same technicians back to the same job each day on an ongoing basis, create a single work order and reuse it.  Just drag it to the scheduled area each morning, and return it to the unscheduled area at the end of each day.

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