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Why Service Companies Need GPS Tracking for Vehicles

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HVAC company managers have many demands on their attention. In addition to managing customers and ensuring they are happy with the work and service you provide, managers must also manage a fleet of vehicles, ensure your tools are ready at all times, and keep a balanced budget. GPS fleet tracking for HVAC company vehicles can help make a few of these jobs a little easier. Here are a few reasons that every HVAC company needs to invest in GPS fleet tracking.

Improved Response Times and Accurate ETAs

One of the biggest complaints customers have about service providers, including HVAC companies, is poor estimated time of arrivals. The customer does not comprehend all of the demands you have on your time and your drivers, but rather understands that you are not showing up when you say you will. When you use GPS fleet tracking, you can provide a much shorter arrival time window, because you will have an accurate idea of where your vehicles are and how long it will take them to arrive.

In addition, GPS fleet tracking can help improve response times when you have an unexpected need. Instead of simply dispatching someone to the customer’s home, you can check your tracking system and send the closest possible crew. This will give shorter response times for emergency calls, and help you save on fuel costs.

Improved Customer Service

Customers do not like to have to wait for a four-hour arrival window. People have busy lives, and they don’t have a lot of time to wait for service providers. Additionally, many times the service provider is late, and HVAC companies have a serious customer service issue, including the loss of customers. Software Advice, who helps businesses find field service software, did a study on customers and service companies, and 67 percent said they would never do business with a company again if the technician was an hour late. Even a delay between 15 and 30 minutes would cause 25 percent to not re-hire. Accurate response times lead to improved customer service, and better likelihood of being hired again.

Employee Accountability

It’s no surprise that employees are often tempted to take personal trips in company vehicles. This fact drives up fuel costs quickly, as well as wear and tear on vehicles. When you have GPS fleet tracking, you can know where your workers are at all times. This helps you eliminate unwanted side trips and keeps employees accountable for their whereabouts. Also, if a customer claims that your employee arrived late to the job, you will have a way to verify whether or not this is true.

Reducing Fuel Costs

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for the modern HVAC fleet. GPS fleet tracking can help lower these costs in several ways: First, taking the most efficient route from one job to the next, lessens the amount of fuel you burn. Second, your GPS fleet tracking system can alert management to problems with excessive idling or high driving speeds. This gives you the opportunity to eliminate these behaviors and lower your fuel costs. Finally, cutting down on unwanted personal trips in company vehicles will help minimize fuel costs.

Cut Expenses in Other Ways

Fuel is not the only way that GPS fleet tracking helps HVAC companies save money. If you are routinely paying overtime to your workers because they return late from the job, you may be able to cut this cost by increasing employee accountability for their whereabouts.

GPS fleet tracking can lead to discounts on insurance as well. While the discount will vary depending on the policy, driving record of the fleet and insurance provider, insurance companies have found that fleets with GPS fleet tracking are less risky, and are offering discounts as a result.

Ultimately, GPS fleet tracking helps HVAC companies run more efficiently, lower costs and improve customer service. With all of these benefits, it is an obvious choice for the management professional who wants to run an efficient, effective fleet.


Robert J. Hall is president of Track Your Truck, a leader in GPS vehicle tracking systems and software for small and mid-sized companies.



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