Benefits to Field Work/Techs

Will your software help us increase our average ticket size?

Yes, because the technician can show the customer, if they spend more, they will receive a discount today. The software will also allow them to show images of equipment damage to the customer to better educate them as to why they need to purchase these parts and services.

Can your software speed up work orders and ordering parts?

Yes, we make it easy to keep techs out of the supply warehouse to speed up work orders. Our purchase order system allows the office, warehouse, and technicians to know when, why, how, and if a part was ordered yet. This way, customers won’t get antsy waiting on your techs to find a part!

Can techs record warehouse purchases through your software?

Yes, it is possible for techs to record and provide proof of purchase when they purchase through a supply warehouse. When filling out a purchase order in the field, there is an easily accessible shortcut to include a photo of the receipt!

Can techs act as a dispatcher in your software?

Absolutely! If you have a tech who wears multiple hats, or even someone who just takes on dispatching occasionally, permissions are easy to customize. When given access, your technician can fully dispatch jobs and view the company calendar while out in the field. This way, they can dispatch other technicians too, not just themselves!

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