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Every business needs a road map. A budget is the road map of how an organization is going to decide how to allocate resources. By creating this map, you can then have a measurable for comparison of how money was actually spent over a period of time.

Gross Profit Per Person Day KPI

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Understanding Gross Profit Per Person Day Possibly the Most Important KPI you could ever use. The Quick Answer Indicates how well you are applying available field labor top producing gross profit dollars (as opposed to merely sales). This is the number of full business days available to perform work per billable person. It is important

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Financials – Budget Report

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Introduction Located under the Report menu, the Financials - Budget Report displays in report form the data from a previously prepared budget.  In short, a budget is a set of financial statements for a future time period.  It is used to predict a company’s financial position for that period. Form Access From the main menu,

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Creating and Editing Budgets

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Introduction This help topic covers how to set up and manage budgets in Total Office Manager. Total Office Manager makes budgeting easy with its powerful budget feature. Usage A budget is basically an income statement for some future period. A budget can be thought of as a hopeful income statement. Use budgets to predict what

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