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Divisions, departments, and profit centers are often used interchangeably. The division is usually the top level, followed by departments and profit centers. Our help topics typically use the word “department” to refer to all of these possibilities.

Total Office Manager is very departmentalized. Every transaction offers the ability to select a department. Transactions that have multiple line items (such as a bill or invoice) offer the ability to select a department for all rows or select a different department per row. Income statements can be printed by the department and even include complete overhead allocation by the department.

The Department (Division) List is used to manage the various profit centers in your business.  “Residential Service” and “Commercial Installation” are two examples of common departments.

Divisions and Departments

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Introduction This topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating divisions and departments. This topic also covers the use of the department list. The Department feature is very important to understand and use. It will be used to organize income, COGS, and allocate overhead by each division and that division's department. Usage Use this

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