ZigaForm version 5.3.5

Max Lists was designed to make the process of searching through excessively large lists (such as the Customer:Job List for large companies) faster. It works by limiting the number of records that are displayed in a list. The user decides how many records will be displayed.

To use this feature you must first enable it in Preferences. You must have permissions in security to access this preference. This preference will apply to all users.

  • Click Edit | Preferences | Appearance | Company Preferences.

  • Check the Speed Optimization checkbox and select the Use Max List radio button.

  • In the “Maximum records per list” box, select how large you want your pages to be. We generally recommend 100.

This is generally the option we recommend.

List Speed Optimization

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Introduction If your lists are slow, unresponsive, or freeze, please read on about how to configure list speed optimization. The various lists in Total Office Manager can get very large. A Customer or Work Order list might have hundreds of thousands of records. Depending on what columns you are including in that list, sorting, searching,

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