The Menu bar is a navigation pane to access the five main categories of Total Office Manager. The Reports menu includes relevant information to your organization. Examples of subtopics include: Report Navigator, Executive Summary, Bookkeeper’s Summary, Accounting, Financials, Company, Contacts & Jobs, Payroll, Scheduling, Sales, Sales Tax, Labels, Sales Opportunities, and Custom Data Views.

Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: No Description: List of Invoices, Sales, Estimates, and Credits with analysis information attached. This CDV is current limited to transactions for the last three (3) years. Drill Down: Yes, opens transaction (Tran Type)   Columns and data for the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List Custom Data View are outlined below: Column Name

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Employee Efficiency CDV

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Introduction Employee Efficiency CDV (Custom Data View) is a report that lists invoices, sales, and credits with the assigned work orders and labor hours associated.  This CDV also contains columns to show efficiency of the time estimated from the work orders to the hours the technician worked to the time billed on invoices. The report

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Inventory Cost Review CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: Yes Description: List of invoices, sales, credits, and inventory/serialized adjustments with items containing costs that vary from the daily average cost. Drill Down: Yes, opens transaction type Columns and data for the Inventory Cost Review Custom Data View are outlined below: Column Name Form Field Notes Tran Date Invoice/Sale/Credit/

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PO Reimbursables CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: No Description: List of purchase order items with a customer selected on the line entries and associated purchasing and invoicing transactions. This CDV is good for making sure the items you have purchased for a specific job have been received and subsequently invoiced.  The use of the reimbursables feature

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Customer Equipment CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: No Description: List of customer equipment with details for the last work order completed, number of pending work orders, and customer demographics. Drill Down: Yes, opens the equipment record. Columns and data for the Customer Equipment Custom Data View are outlined below: Column Name Form Field Notes Customer:Job Name Customer:Job

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Preparing Total Office Manager for Contractor Compass™

By |2021-07-23T13:13:41-05:00May 6th, 2020|

Contractor Compass™ - an EGIA Powered Super Dashboard Contractor Compass is a set of dashboards designed to offer business owners unparalleled insight into their business. These super dashboards are powered by EGIA Contractor University. By that, we mean they closely follow the recommendations and best practices taught by the teaching faculty at EGIA. That faculty

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Inventory Costing Methods

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Introduction Inventory accounting may sound like a huge undertaking but in reality, it is quite straightforward and easy to understand. You start with the inventory you have on hand. No matter when you sell a product, the value of your inventory will remain constant based on accepted and rational methods of inventory accounting. Those methods

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Asset Manager

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Introduction The Asset Manager List is used to manage the various assets owned by the company.  Often, assets can represent a significant portion of a company's net worth.  Use the Asset Manager to record these assets, assign an asset to an employee, transfer an asset from one employee to another, and more. Form Access From

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Job Costing Overview Report

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Introduction The Job Costing Overview Report was created for a quick review of your cost on a particular job. This single page report will show you everything you need to know from open purchase orders, unbilled reimbursables, a breakout of the type of COGS and expenses you have spent on the job, pending estimates, the

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Contact Log (Customer) Report

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Introduction The Contact Log (Customer) report displays log entries in report form from customer contact logs. Form Access From the main menu, click Reports | Contacts & Jobs | Contact Log (Customer), or use the Report Navigator. Contact Log (Customer) File Path Report Options Customer Contact Log Report Options Date Filter

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