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Total Office Manager has a built in database that allows you to enter a zip code on to various forms and it will auto populate the City, State and County. To enable this feature, the Preference must be activated. With this Preference enabled data entry will include a few less steps as the City, State, and County will not need to be entered manually by the user.

Total Office Manager also gives you access to the Zip Code database. Select Zip Codes from the Tools Main Menu option. Codes in this database can be added, edited, inactivated or deleted. In the Quick Filter field of the List you may enter a search by Area Code, City, State, County, or Time Zone.

Preferences – Zip Codes

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Introduction The Zip Codes preference window is where to configure postal code and area code settings. Form Access From the main menu, click Edit | Preferences, or From the toolbar, click the Preferences button. Field & Button Definitions Default Area Code - Enter a default area code here.  The default area code will automatically be

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Zip Code Lookup

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Introduction This help topic will explain how to use the Zip Code Lookup utility. Usage This form is used to look up a zip code. Looking up a zip code will tell you if the zip code is valid. This form will also tell you what city, state, zip, and county the zip code belongs

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