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Notes can be added to various records within the program including (but not limited to) Customer:Jobs, Work Orders, Invoice Items, Vendors, Assets, and Customer Equipment, and Invoices (where the notes are called “Details”).  The notepad works the same way regardless of where it’s encountered.

Form Access

  • The notepad for any given form is typically found in the Menu.

Field & Button Definitions

  • OK – Saves and closes the notepad.
  • Cancel – Exits the notepad without saving.
  • Info Stamp – Notes the author and the date of the note with one click.
  • Clear – Erases the entire contents of the notepad.
  • Print – Used to produce a hard-copy of the notepad.
  • Spelling – Perform a “Spell check” on your notes.


  • Notes created for customers and for vendors can be triggered to automatically pop-up when certain conditions occur.  For example, if a customer has an overdue balance a warning note can be set to pop-up if an attempt to create a new Work Order is made. See the related topics “Customer:Job Form – Additional Info Tab” and “Vendor Form – Additional Info Tab” for additional information.

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