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This section contains topics relating to employees, timesheets, HR related tasks and payroll processing.

Selling To Employees

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Overview This topic deals with the subject of how to sell products or services to employees and make deductions or payments from their paychecks. You may also find ways to adapt this method to similar situations. Introduction Have you ever wondered how to sell products or services to employees and deduct payments from their paychecks?

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Direct Deposit Introduction

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Introduction Direct deposit is a process where you create electronic files rather than paper checks. These files are sent to your bank and money is moved around by your bank as needed. Here is how it works. You perform your basic accounting functions as usual. You prepare checks and payroll checks in Total Office Manager

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Payroll Paycheck Troubleshooting

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Do you suspect a payroll report or paycheck contains incorrect information? This topic was created to offer some basic information about payroll processing that may help you with troubleshooting payroll related issues. One of the things the 941 and W2s show is how well your payroll has processed throughout the tax year.  If the check

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Managing Tool Allowances and Tool Reimbursements

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This article assumes that the user is already familiar with payroll and payroll set up. Contractors often ask if they should pay for their employee’s tools or if they should compensate employees for normal wear and tear on their own tools. One option you have is to pay your technicians a little more and ask

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Piece Meal Pay

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Introduction Piecemeal Pay is a way to help you maintain your competitive pricing structure while retaining your employees during times when work can be scarce or intermittent. Using Piecemeal within the program allows you to pay a base rate that is based on a percentage of Labor Cost. Labor Cost is a set value assigned

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Payroll – Create Tax Item

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When a Tax Does Not Exist in Total Office Manager Payroll Total Office Manager includes thousands of federal, state, county, and city payroll taxes. The rates, rules, and calculations are built into what we call the Payroll Tax Tables. We update the Payroll Tax Tables on a regular basis. This is part of the payroll

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Payroll – Details on the IRS Form 940

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Introduction Form 940 Filing Requirements: Employers who were not household employers or agricultural employers must file Form 940 if they paid a combined total of $1,500 or more in wages to all of their employees in any calendar quarter; or had one or more employees for some part of a day in any 20 different

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Payroll Worksheet

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Please use this worksheet to gather required information for setting up or maintaining your company’s payroll. This information is required no matter how you do payroll and will be required when setting up payroll in Total Office Manager. Employer Identification Number (EIN): _____________________________ State Employer Identification Number: _____________________________ Pay Period Starts on _______________ and ends on ______________

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