Invoice Items & Inventory Management

Other Methods Inventory Costing Methods

Other Methods Inventory Costing Methods Although Total Office Manager uses the Perpetual Average Cost and Specific Identification Method, the following methods are explained in detail for reference purposes. Weighted Average Cost Weighted average measures the total cost of items in inventory that are available for sale divided by the total number of units available for …

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Correcting Serial Numbers Entered

How to Fix Incorrectly Entered Serial Numbers Occasionally, there comes a time when you fat finger a number or just scan the incorrect number into the wrong item line.  Or maybe you selected the wrong serial number. It’s ok, things happen.  In Total Office Manager, you can update this information on your purchases until the …

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Average Cost Calculation Fix

What Happened Total Office Manager, version 11.2.40 (12/18/2018) through 11.2.47 (1/7/2019), contained a bug that might have caused the direct cost of one or more items to be incorrect. How to Know if You Were Affected Did you track inventory in 2018 while using version 11.2.40 to 11.2.47? In other words, were you selling items that …

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