Total Office Manager

Accounting (COA) FAQs

Q: Can I change the expense account on a bill/check after it has been posted? A: Yes.  As long as you have permissions to modify the transaction (edit), you can make changes to the transaction once it has been entered.  Some transactions will become locked to protect the financial integrity.  For example, a bill that …

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Banking FAQs

Q: Is there a list of checks which are compatible with Total Office Manager? A: Yes.  Checks may be orders from Dynamic Systems if you do not currently have compatible pre-printed check stock.  Typically, styles compatible with most laser printers are also compatible with Total Office Manager. Q: How do I handle recording debit card transactions? …

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Why Are My Payroll Item Liability Balances Incorrect on the Pay Payroll Liabilities Form?

Question: I need to adjust the amounts that are showing due for my Payroll Liability amounts. How do I reconcile the amount shown on the Pay Payroll Liabilities form with what is actually owed? Solution: Before making a Payroll Liability Adjustment, it is first recommended that you speak with your qualified accounting professional to determine …

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Understanding Runtime Exceptions

HELP! What is this yellow screen that kicks me out the program? When working in the desktop application, you may receive a screen with a yellow banner.  This is a runtime exception and is commonly referenced as a “Yellow Screen error”.  Runtime exceptions occur when a software application is waiting for the computer or has …

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Hosted Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: Why do I keep getting disconnected from the hosted platform? A: The hosted connection is reliant on a steady internet connection being present.  If there is any disruption to the connection, your computer may disconnect you from the remote connection.  Here is a quick list of things to check if you are continually getting …

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