Report Navigator

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Introduction The Report Navigator is an alternate way of accessing the wide variety of reports available in Total Office Manager.  Many find that Report Navigator is easier and quicker to use than the main menu for locating necessary reports. Using the Report Navigator users can view and sort a list of reports available in Total

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Direct Deposit Introduction

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Basic Introduction Direct deposit is a process where you create electronic files rather than paper checks. These files are sent to your bank and money is moved around by your bank as needed. Here is how it works. You perform your basic accounting functions as usual. You prepare checks and payroll checks in Total Office

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Average Cost Calculation Fix

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What Happened Total Office Manager, version 11.2.40 (12/18/2018) through 11.2.47 (1/7/2019), contained a bug that might have caused the direct cost of one or more items to be incorrect. How to Know if You Were Affected Did you track inventory in 2018 while using version 11.2.40 to 11.2.47? In other words, were you selling items that

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Managing Document Links

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Total Office Manager Document Links will help you organize and keep important documents for your contacts centralized.  Document Links are found throughout both Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II.  They can be attached to customers, vendors, employees, assets, items, the company, bills, invoices, work orders, marketing types, and many other places. You may quickly

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Month-End Bookkeeping Procedures

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Important Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks You May Have Missed There are certainly other tasks that may need to be performed. These are the ones our support technicians and trainers commonly see missed. Software Updates Keep your software updated Set permissions to update. Put someone in charge of updating on the last Friday of each month (for

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Payroll Paycheck Troubleshooting

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Do you suspect a payroll report or paycheck contains incorrect information? This topic was created to offer some basic information about payroll processing that may help you with troubleshooting payroll related issues. One of the things the 941 and W2s show is how well your payroll has processed throughout the tax year.  If the check

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Using Credits Between Customer Accounts

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Scenario A credit exists within a customer’s family unit that you would like to apply this credit to another customer within the family unit. When trying to set this credit against an open invoice, you are not able to see it as available in the Credits Form. The answer is simple. You are using hierarchy

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Customer Moves – Copy Customer

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Here is the scenario. You have a customer that you have been working for and there are notes, records, and financial history. They move and someone else buys the property. Consider this example. Original Owner John Doe 8877 Bourgade Street Lenexa KS 66219 New Owner Nancy Johnson 8877 Bourgade Street Lenexa KS 66219 Generally, you

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Aptora’s Software Feature Request System

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Introduction Aptora’s Feature Request system allows our users to author, comment, and vote on software ideas. It is a great way to make sure your opinions are heard. It is also a great way to make sure that your ideas are documented and organized so that Aptora can give your answers on your requests. General

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