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Correcting Serial Numbers Entered

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Occasionally, there comes a time when you fat finger a number or just scan the incorrect number into the wrong item line.  It's ok, things happen.  In Total Office Manager, you can update this information on your purchases until the bill has been paid. You will first locate the serial number using the Serial Number

Recording Tips & Gratuities

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There may come a time when technicians or employees may receive tips and gratuities from customers.  You can record this information in the software by doing the following: Setup a Chart of Account to Report Gratuities If you already have an account to keep track of this activity, skip this step. If no account exists,

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Scope of Technical Support

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Introduction If you have a question about the way Total Office Manager™  works, the best way to get an accurate and immediate answer is to consult the online help system (what you are in right now), and other areas of our website. Please also check our YouTube channel here. Maybe 95% of all the technical

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Definition of a Software “Bug”

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Introduction A software defect (bug) is an error or flaw or condition where the program is not doing what it was designed to do. A bug does not include a difference of opinion or the absence of a feature or capability. Examples A bug might be an error screen. In Total Office Manager this is

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Projected Total

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Introduction The Projected Total feature in an interesting and unique tool which appears on estimates, sales, and invoices.  When a dollar value is entered into the Projected Total field, it and another new field called "Difference" will appear to the right of the ordinary Total fields in the summary area.  The Difference field will display

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Serialized Inventory Items

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Serialized Inventory Items - Correcting Serial Numbers If you discover that you entered the serial number incorrectly, you can change the serial number of a serialized item in the Item Receipts form. If you discover that you entered the serial number incorrectly, you can change the serial number of a serialized item on unpaid Bills.

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Use a Schedule Board Profile to Manage Long Jobs

By |2021-08-12T14:22:19-05:00August 11th, 2021|

Introduction If you have a job that is going on for a long time, consider creating its own Schedule Board Profile. Example We had a Total Office Manager prospect ask “We have job where we may have three or four people working there for six to twelve months.  How can I easily see the guys

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Opening Balances for Customers and Vendors (As Of Fields)

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Introduction This topic offers additional details on how the Opening Balance feature works. This feature is only found in the customer and vendor forms.  This topic was designed for bookkeepers and accountants. Usage This feature is not a required part of entering customers or vendors into Total Office Manager. The opening Balance feature was designed

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Co-Op Manufacturer Rebates

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Introduction In the service industry, rebates are often available from equipment manufacturers to your customers.  Many times, these are “cooperative” rebates which involve you, the service company who sells the equipment. Take this common scenario for example:  You sell an Acme brand furnace to one of your customers.  This furnace comes with a $500 rebate.

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Reference – Transaction Types

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Transaction Types used in Total Office Manager Bill CC Charge CC Credit Check Credit Deposit Inventory Adjustment Invoice Item Receipt Journal Entry Liability Adjustment Payment Payroll Check Payroll Liability Check Sale Sales Tax Liability Check Serialized Vendor Credit YTD Adjustment Chart of Accounts Types used in Total Office Manager Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Bank Cost

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