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Software Setup & Installation

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Workflow Navigator

Introduction The Workflow Navigator provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for common workflow processes.  Its purpose is to use picture icons and diagrams to steer through ordinary tasks and to access often-used lists and reports. Form Access From the main menu, click View | Workflow Navigator.  This command toggles on and off the display of …

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Check Web For Update

Introduction This help topic explains how to use Total Office Manager’s Check Web For Update utility for our on-premise clients. If you are a hosted client, updates are performed automatically on your behalf. Usage This utility makes it possible to quickly and easily know that you have the latest enhancements and service updates to your …

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Print – Options

Introduction This help topic explains how to select certain options to print various forms and sales related reports in Total Office Manager. These reports include sales, invoices, credit memos\refunds, estimates, and purchase orders. This help topic does NOT pertain to checks and payroll checks. These forms and reports have a slightly different set of options …

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Solving Printing Troubles

Introduction Total Office Manager™  has been tested on a wide variety of printers. Flat Rate Plus!™  is 100% compatible with virtually all known ink jet, bubble jet and laser printers manufactured within the last seven years. We do not recommend the use of dot matrix printers. IMPORTANT: Anytime you receive a Run-Time Error (kicks you …

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Installation Troubleshooting

Introduction Installation trouble is rare but usually very easy to overcome. Be sure that you have the proper permission to install software and permission to access certain files like the Company File (database). Be sure your computer meets the system minimum requirements before going any further. If you encounter troubles, please follow these instructions. Step-By-Step …

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Preferences – Refresh

Introduction The Refresh preference window is where to configure defaults related to purchase orders. Form Access From the main menu, click Edit > Preferences, or From the toolbar, click the Preferences button. Field & Button Definitions Automatically Refresh Schedule Board – When ticked, the schedule board will automatically refresh it’s display as changes are made …

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Installation Error Codes

Installation Run-Time Error Messages Summary The Setup.exe (or Install.exe) program may produce error messages if it cannot start properly. In most cases, you’ll encounter these messages when a severe error occurs. Rarely will your end users see these messages. When you get an error message , it appears in a message box. Every error message …

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Aptora Mobile II – Dashboard

Introduction The first screen users see upon logging in is Aptora Mobile II – Dashboard. It is intended to serve as a hub for the user; a centralized location for all information pertinent to that specific employee. It contains quick-access menus for Work Orders, Appointments, and Reminders among other things. However, the Work Orders and …

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