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Remove Telephone Formatting Utility


The Remove Telephone Formatting Utility in Total Office Manager is used to remove special characters from the telephone fields in customer:job, vendor, and employee forms.


The use of this utility may be necessary when you have imported or converted files from other sources and are having trouble with the telephone number appearing correctly. This handy tool takes the manual correcting out of the equation and will update numbers within the Phone/Ext field box on the record you’re viewing.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Tools | Utilities. Select Remove Telephone Formatting from the list.

Remove Telephone Formatting File Path
Remove Telephone Formatting File Path

Field Definitions

Remove Telephone Formatting Form
Remove Telephone Formatting Form


OK To Go – This must be checked before the Remove button is enabled. Think of this as a safety switch.
Go Button – Removes commas, dashes, periods and any other character except numbers from the phone fields in Customer:job, vendor, and employee.
Close Button – Closes the form.


  1. Open the form as noted above.
  2. Check the OK to GO check box.
  3. Click the GO! button.
  4. Click Close.


You can see phone numbers in your Customer:Job list but when you edit an existing Customer:Job form, the telephone number field is empty.

Telephone Formatting Example
Telephone Formatting Example

Important Recommendations

  • You can’t hurt anything using this tool. However, you should only use it when you suspect trouble or when directed by an authorized Total Office Manager technical support representative.


  • If you notice that telephone numbers are being displayed on lists but not on other forms, you may have special characters such as commas, dashes, periods, etc., that are causing problems. This utility simply removes all characters with the exception of numbers.
  • This tool only works on the “Phone” field. NO other fields are changed.
  • Total Office Manager automatically formats these fields to make them look nicer (such as (913) 492-9930). Removing formatting will NOT cause phone numbers to look plain (such as 9134929930).

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Standard Calculator


We have included two built in calculators – standard and loan amortization – for your convenience. These handy full function calculators will be especially helpful to you should you need to make calculations while entering data into the various forms found throughout the program. You don’t even have to close the data entry screen that you are working on to use the calculator. This topic will focus on the functionality and options of the Standard Calculator.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Tools | Calculators |  Standard Calculator.
Calculator File Path

Standard Calculator Options

When you open a calculator within Total Office Manager, a new icon will appear on the taskbar. This allows for the user to work both in the software and switch over to the calculator seamlessly.

This calculator has the ability to have numerous ‘views’. Select from standard, scientific, programmer and statistics to modify the layout. Additionally, it has its own built-in help system. Click Help from the top left side of the menu bar. When you are finished with it, click Close. You may even reposition it to another part of the screen and leave the form open.

Standard Calculator

Standard Calculator
Calculator – Total Office Manager


Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator Screen
Scientific Calculator Screen

Programmer Calculator

Programmer Calculator
Programmer Calculator

Statistics Calculator

Statistics Calculator
Statistics Calculator

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Zip Code Lookup

Managing Zip Codes with the Zip Code Lookup System

This help topic will explain how to use the Zip Code Lookup utility.

Using the Zip Code Lookup

This form is used to look up a zip code. Looking up a zip code will tell you if the zip code is valid. This form will also tell you what city, state, zip, and county the zip code belongs to.

Accessing the Zip Code Master List

  • From the main menu, click Tools | Zip Codes.
Zip Code File Path
Zip Code File Path

Fields and Button Definitions

Zip Code List
Zip Code List
  • Zip – Select this option to search by zip code.
  • City – Select this option to search by city.
  • State – Select this option to search by state.
  • Area Code – Select this option to search by area code.
  • Country – Select this option to search by county.
  • Latitude – Total Office Manager displays this information for mapping purposes. The actual definition is “the angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself”.
  • Longitude – Total Office Manager displays this information for mapping purposes. The actual definition is “meridian: an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earth passing through the north and south poles at right angles to the equator; “all points on the same meridian have the same longitude”.
  • Time Zone – Total Office Manager returns this information to help you know what time it is in your customer or vendor’s area. This is handy if you do business with people in other states and need to call them. The definition of time zone is “Interval of longitudes 15 degrees wide in which every clock is set to the same time (e.g., every clock in the Pacific time zone will give the same time)”.
  • Search Field – Select either zip, city, state, area, or county.
  • Search Condition – Select how you wish to search.
  • Search For – Enter something to search for such as Overland Park or 66219.
  • Go – Click the button to start the search.
  • Default Filters – View Active/Inactive/All – Select a radio button to view only those records that are active, inactive, or both.

Step-By-Step – Searching

  1. Open the form as instructed above.
  2. Select your search field such as zip, city, state, area, or county.
  3. Select your search condition such as “Starts With”.
  4. Enter search criteria. This is the “Search For” field.
  5. Click the Search button.

Step-By-Step – Maintenance

  1. Open the form as instructed above.
  2. Select a zip code and edit, inactive, or delete as needed.
  3. We do not provide regular updates to zip codes or postal codes. You can import your own. Please see the instructions below.

Step-By-Step – Importing

To import new zip code listings, you will need a data source in either MS Excel, MS Access, or a text/comma-delimited format.  You may download a data source from our site to get you started. At the time the help topic was last updates, these links were valid. You may need to search for new lists on your own.

  1. When you are ready to import, navigate to File | Company Utilities | Import.
  2. Select the data source you are importing from.
  3. On the Import Wizard screen, select Zip Codes and click Next >.
  4. Select the appropriate sheet containing your data source (United States or Canada) downloaded from above.
  5. If not checked, check the box that indicates your column headers are in the first row.
  6. Field headings should be mapped for those fields that are available to import.
  7. Click Next >.
  8. Check the box next to Clip Strings to Length.
  9. Click Next >.
  10. Check the box acknowledging the importing of your data.
  11. Click Next >.
  12. Click the Import button.
  13. Once the import is complete, click the <Prev button to return to the Import Wizard screen and import a different sheet or Finish to end the import.
  14. You may review the entries imported by navigating to Tools | Zip Codes.

Auto-Populate Feature

This form uses Total Office Manager’s zip code database. The zip code database is used in various Total Office Manager forms such as the customer and vendor forms. When you enter a zip code, the city, state, zip, and county for that zip code are automatically populated.

IMPORTANT: This feature (auto-populate) must be turned on to operate. This feature is activated in the Preferences form.

Zip Code Options
Zip Code Options

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