When you purchase something and don’t pay for it until later, you enter a Bill for the purchase in Total Office Manager. Total Office Manager keeps track of these Bills. Bills are associated with your Accounts Payable so that you always know how much money is owed to your Vendors. To access your list of Bills,
select Bills List from the Vendors main Menu option. As Vendor Bills arrive, you will need to enter them into Total Office Manager. To enter a Vendor Bill, you will need to go to Vendor│Enter Bills.

Entering Bills

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Introduction This topic will cover entering, editing, and deleting bills. Form Access From the main menu, click Vendor | Enter Bill for Received Items Usage The Enter Bill form is used record a bill from a vendor into Accounts Payable. Total Office Manager can keep track of how much money you owe. This allows you

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Bill History Form

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Introduction The Bill History Form provides the user a view of a specific credit, check, and discount information for review within Total Office Manager. Form Access From the main menu, click Vendors | Bill List. Then, right click on a specific bill and choose History from the pop-up menu. Bill List History Pop-Up Menu

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Bill List

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Introduction The Bill List is used for research and management of bills entered into Total Office Manager. Form Access From the main menu, click Vendor | Bill List Bill List File Path Usage Perhaps the easiest way of using the commands available in the Bill List is via the right click menu.

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Pay Bills

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Introduction This topic explains the use of the Pay Bills function. You will learn how to pay bills that have been already been entered into Total Office Manager. Usage This window lists your unpaid bills as of any date you enter. This includes bills for expenses like office supplies (entered using the Enter Bill form)

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Adjust Bill Discounts and Credits

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Introduction At times, it may be necessary to modify a bill after it is recorded in Total Office Manager. The Adjust Discounts and Credits form allows users to quickly view and edit previously used reductions to make any necessary corrections. Form Access From the main menu, click Vendor | Bill List.  Select the bill needing

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