Customers & Accounts Receivable

Bad Debt and Collection Agencies

Writing Off Bad Debt and Dealing with Collection Agencies Collection agencies are often used to collect overdue receivables.  Typically, the agency will take a percentage of any debt collected (40% is not uncommon), then forward the remaining portion of the payment to you.  There are a variety of acceptable methods of accounting for this activity. …

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Using Discounts and Discount Items

How Discount Items Affect Accounting And How to Use Them We are often asked about how-to setup and manage discounts. The question about discounts is an age-old accounting question. It doesn’t have anything to do with accounting software but has a lot to do with how you want your reports to reflect discount activity. If …

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Customer Moves – Copy Customer

Scenario You have a customer that you have been working for and there are notes, records, and financial history. They move and someone else buys the property. Consider this example. Original Owner John Doe 8877 Bourgade Street Lenexa KS 66219 New Owner Nancy Johnson 8877 Bourgade Street Lenexa KS 66219 Generally, you would NEVER change …

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Batch E-Pay

Introduction This function will allow you to process multiple clients’ credit cards at the same time. Usage If you want to process multiple Customer payments at the same you can easily use this form. This is also helpful if you have customers setup on a monthly payment plan to charge their credit card or checking …

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Refund Checks

Introduction Refund checks are typically written for two different circumstances: A customer returns merchandise for a refund, or A customer overpays their account balance. Creating a Refund Check for Returned Merchandise Step by Step When a customer returns merchandise and expects a refund check, a credit memo is created to record the return of merchandise, …

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Selling a Service Agreement

Introduction To sell a service agreement to a customer, complete the sales form (new invoice, new sale, etc) as normal.  When the transaction is saved, a reminder to do the service agreement paperwork will appear.  Complete the service agreement paperwork to finish the process. Usage When a service agreement is sold, a reminder to do …

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