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Electronic Transactions List

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Gateway Settings for Bambora (Canada Only)

Activate the New System  

Click Edit > Preferences > Customer Payment > Company Preferences. Check the “Use Gateway Payment Profiles” checkbox.   

Do not click the Batch Convert button at this point. This will be covered later.  

Create a Bambora Merchant Account  


  1. If needed, create a new account by logging into 
  2. You will need the following information from your account. 
  3. Merchant ID 
  4. Payment API Access Passcode 
  5. Profile API Access Passcode 

Copy Merchant ID and Admin API Access Passcode  

  1. In the upper right of the page you will see your Merchant ID. Make a note of it. You will need it.  
  2. Navigate to: Configuration > Payment Profile Configuration. Under Security Settings, locate API Access Passcode. If there is no code, click the Generate New Code button. Copy the API access passcode.  
  3. Obtain Payment Profile API Access Passcode  
  4. From the upper right of Bambora’s web page, click Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings.  
  5. Under Payment Gateway > Security/Authentication, locate the “API Access Passcode” field.  
  6. If there is no number, click the Generate New Code button.  
  7. Copy that code.  

Create Gateway in Total Office Manager 

  1. You will need to create a new Gateway. Go to Customer > Electronic Transaction > Electronic Transaction List  
  2. Click Add New  
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for your Gateway. Example: Bambora Gateway  
  4. Enter the Merchant ID into Merchant ID field.  
  5. In the User Name and Passwords fields, enter your Bambora website user name and password.  
  6. Enter the Admin API Access Passcode into the Profile Passcode field.  
  7. Enter the Payment Profile API Access Passcode into the API Access Passcode field. Tester’s Note: The field might be called Payment Passcode when you test this. We are renaming it to API Access Passcode” for clarity.  
  8. Click Save. The form will close.  

Tip: Bambora’s website can be confusing regarding terminology. Be extra careful when copying and entering the API passcodes. There are two different API passcodes that have the same field name but different locations.  


Add a Payment Profile 

Locate the customer you wish to use and open the Customer:Job form to edit. 

Click the Manage Credit Card Profiles button. 

Select a Gateway and click the OK button. The New Customer Profile form will open. 

Enter a credit card number and other information as needed. We recommend that all fields be filled out including the CVC number. Remember, this number and the rest of the credit card information will not be saved. It will be converted into safe and secure token. 


Processing a Credit Card Using a Profile 

From the Receive Payments form, click the E Pay button. 

 448534XXXXXX1891 Visa 

Please Note: The Batch Token Conversion ignores expired credit cards. 

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EnerBank USA Financing Setup and Usage


EnerBankUSA offers bank financing for home remodeling projects. Aptora Mobile II has an interface with its system for both their mobile app and their website.

EnerBank USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMS Energy Corp. (NYSE: CMS). EnerBank USA is a registered trademark of CMS Capital Corp. Aptora is not legally affiliated with EnerBank USA.

EnerBank Requirements

  1. Be sure you already have an account with EnerBank. You will also need to have their app installed and set up on your mobile device.
  2. You will first need to create loan templates on the Enerbank Application website. For Total Office Manager, we need the Program Phone Number, Contractor ID, Loan Code, and Description.

Total Office Manager Setup

  1. In Total Office Manager, go to the gateway list. From the main menu, click Customer | Electronic Transaction | Gateway List
  2. Select ‘Add New’ and choose ‘Financing – EnerBankUSA’ as the Gateway Type. Enter your Enerbank Loan Template info in the corresponding fields, using the description for the name field in Total Office Manager.
  3. You can set up as many loan types as you want, using the information from the Templates that you created in the EnerBank App. When finished, your Gateway List in Total Office Manager may look something like this.
  4. You’re now set up to use the EnerBank financing feature on Estimates in Aptora Mobile. In Mobile, open an Estimate, click the hamburger menu in the top right and choose the EnerBankUSA Financing Option.
  5. You will see a list of the Loan Types that you set up in Total Office Manager. Click the desired option to continue.
  6. If you are using an app, you will be taken to the EnerBank app. If you are using a browser, you will then be taken to the EnerBank website. You should notice the Loan Type information is filled in for you.
  7. Follow the prompts on the EnerBank website or app. Once completed, take note of the status, amount, and reference number for the loan. If you are using the Aptora Mobile II app, then this information is automatically added to the Estimate’s details section upon closing the EnerBank application.

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Electronic Transactions – Credit Card Troubleshooting


This help topic was designed to assist users with common electronic transactions – credit card troubleshooting they may be experiencing in Total Office Manager.

Common Problems

The most common cause of errors and problems is incorrectly entered credit card information or incomplete or incorrectly filled in fields. Here are the first things you should look over.

  • Periodically, it is possible that will inactivate the Transaction Key. A new Key will need to be generated directly from and then reenter it into Total Office Manager.
Transaction Key -
Transaction Key – Credit Card Troubleshooting
  • Be sure that you are entering all data correctly. Double check dates, punctuation, and special characters.

    • Note: Field (data) requirements are established in your user account at the website.
  • Be sure that you have entered in all of the require data. Open the Customer:Job form. You should make certain that your customer information is complete and includes a complete valid address with zip code and phone number.

    24 Hour Fitness Customer:Job
    24 Hour Fitness Customer:Job
  • In the Customer:Job Payment tab, make sure you have a first and last name, CVC number, and valid expiration date.

Preferred Payment Method
Preferred Payment Method is the only gateway supported by Total Office Manager.  This the only gateway supported by Total Office Manager.

Below is a list of test card numbers for only.  The numbers are used to test the overall software setup and computer connectivity.

Credit Card Troubleshooting – Test Mode

If the gateway is in test mode, these should always return an approval.  If the gateway is in live mode, these cards will always be declined.  For an expiration date, use a date greater then today.  This numbers will also allow you to populate test databases with card numbers that will look valid, but are not actual credit card accounts.

Electronic Transactions - Credit Card Troubleshooting - Test Mode
Electronic Transactions – Credit Card Troubleshooting – Test Mode

Test Credit Card Numbers

These are test card numbers for only.  This the only gateway supported by Total Office Manager at this time. The numbers are used to test the overall software setup and computer connectivity.

If the gateway is in test mode these should always return an approval.  If the gateway is in live mode, these cards will always be declined.  For an expiration date use a date greater then today.  This numbers will also allow you to populate test databases with card numbers that will look valid, but are not actual credit card accounts.

  • 370000000000002      American Express Test Card

  • 6011000000000012    Discover Test Card

  • 5424000000000015    MasterCard Test Card

  • 4007000000027          Visa Test Card #1

  • 4012888818888          Visa Test Card #2

  • 4222222222222          Visa Error Test

  • 3088000000000017    JCB Test Expiration Date 0905

  • 38000000000006        Diners Club/ Carte Blanche (use test expiration date 0905)

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Batch E-Pay Credit Card Processing

How to Process Customer Credit Cards with the Batch E-Pay Utility

The E-Pay (EPay) utility will allow you to select one or more unpaid invoices and process customer credit cards in a batch mode. This help topic covers where to find that feature and how to use it.

Setting up or changing processors may be required before Total Office Manager can accept credit cards. You may need a Merchant Account from your own bank. Usually they can set you up with a credit card processor.

The topic assumes that the Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup has been completed.

Accessing the Batch E-Pay Form

  1. Open the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List.
  2. Select one or more invoices that have a balance.
  3. In the upper left-hand side of the list, click Actions > Batch EPay


  1. Set up the customer’s credit card information.
  2. Enter a credit card as the preferred payment method on the Customer:Job.

    Preferred Payment - Credit Card
    Preferred Payment – Credit Card
  3. Create an Invoice for the Customer. Find the Invoice(s) for that Customer:Job that need to be pay. Select them.
  4. Click Actions | Batch EPay to transition to the payment screen.

    Batch EPay File Path
  5. Click on the Invoices to pay. To pay the complete amount, click “Amount=Balance”.

  6. Then click Process.

    EPay Prompt
    EPay Prompt
  7. A report recording the transactions will appear. The response will let you know if the transaction(s) were approved or not.

    Batch EPay Processing Report
    Batch EPay Processing Report
  8. will send an email to the address on the account alerting them of the transaction status.

    Merchant Email Result
    Merchant Email Result

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Electronic Transactions – Credit Card Troubleshooting


Electronic Transactions List

Electronic Transactions List – Credit Card Payment History

The Electronic Transaction list is used to view and manage all Electronic Transactions that are run in Total Office Manager. For how to setup and process transactions, please read the topic on Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Customers | Electronic Transaction | Electronic Transactions List.



This should be used to view and verify electronic transactions. For the Administrator user this list, there is also options to void and delete transactions shown on the list. ONLY Test Mode transactions should be “deleted” from this list.

If you overcharged a customer or you need to issue a refund, it is recommended that you allow the transaction to settle and then issue a refund as opposed to voiding an electronic transaction.

ETransactions List
ETransactions List


  • If for any reason you need to void a transaction (e.g. overcharged) and your intent is to stop the transaction from completing, you may VOID the electronic transaction from this list but you MUST do so before the transaction has settled.
  • Transactions usually settle at the end of the day, though specific settlement periods may vary. You should contact for more information about your settlement period.

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