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The Invoice form provides great detail for you as it is a very powerful instrument for invoicing your Customers. Once your Customer:Job has been selected from the drop-down menu, the “Bill To Address”, “Work Address”, and “Account Balance “fields will all auto populate based on information you have provided in the initial set up of that particular Customer:Job as well as any previous transactions for that Customer:Job.

When payment is expected at a later date than when work was performed or goods are rendered, the New Invoice form is typically used to record the transaction. Example: You perform a service call and the customer is allowed to pay you at some point in the future. You then send an invoice to the customer and wait for a payment to arrive at a later date.

To access the “New Invoice” form, select Customers from the Menu bar then click New Invoice. The keyboard shortcut for this form is Ctrl+I.

Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: No Description: List of Invoices, Sales, Estimates, and Credits with analysis information attached. This CDV is current limited to transactions for the last three (3) years. Drill Down: Yes, opens transaction (Tran Type)   Columns and data for the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List Custom Data View are outlined below: Column Name

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Setup and Usage of Customer Locations

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Introduction Customer locations provide the ability to assign and track work by varies addresses without creating multiple Customer:Job records. This location will be available for selection on work orders only. With the addition of the location tracking, the location will flow into the line items of invoices with the location association for the work order

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Zone Pricing – Setup & Usage

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Introduction Zone Pricing allows for up to twenty (20) zone price level pricing for items that may be applied during invoicing.  This pricing will work similar to the Markup feature.  When a zone is assigned on an invoice/sale/estimate/credit, the item retail price will be populated to the selected item zone pricing.  This feature would overrule

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Handling Core Charges and Returns

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Core Charges Defined A "core" is a used and non-functioning part that can be recycled and sold as a remanufactured part. Some of the recyclable parts that manufacturers consider core parts are water pumps, motors, circuit boards, certain air conditioning compressors, and more. The return of core parts to the manufacturers lowers the cost of

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Customer/Vendor Message List

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Introduction The Customer/Vendor Message List is used to setup and manage customer/vendor messages. These custom messages then appear within the "Customer Message" field of sales forms and are meant for your customers to read. The list of all customer created messages are stored within the list and are available for usage. Form Access From the

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Aptora Mobile II – Approving Invoices & Applying Payments

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Introduction Invoices created in Aptora Mobile II will be designated in Total Office Manager as a new type called 'Mobile Invoice'. Mobile Invoices and payments accepted in Aptora Mobile II DO NOT directly affect Accounts Receivable (A/R), Income, COGS, or other accounts. Instead, Approving Invoices & Applying Payments will occur in Total Office Manager. Mobile

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Approval Sheet

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Introduction The Approval Sheet is designed to be used for a final review and subsequent approval of sales forms (usually invoices) before sending them to customers.  The report is quite powerful and unique in that it brings together elements not found in any other single report in a summary format. One of the most prominent

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Aptora Mobile II – Invoices, Sales, and Estimates

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Introduction Aptora Mobile II - Invoices, Sales, and Estimates can be both viewed and edited within the mobile application. However, they can only be created from Work Orders. In addition to editing, you can also print, email, capture signatures, and take payments toward your transactions. The following are some of the elements of an Invoice

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