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Bookkeeping is the process of identifying, measuring. recording, and classifying data. Within Total Office Manager, this process consists of properly completing all necessary forms to lead to proper financial reporting.

Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM)

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Introduction The Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM) is an integrated part of Total Office Manager and its overall Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SOM allows you to enter and track Sales leads. You can set up product lists, Sales closure probability lists, qualifications lists, and Sales process stages. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers

Gateway Settings for Bambora (Canada Only)

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Activate the New System   Click Edit > Preferences > Customer Payment > Company Preferences. Check the “Use Gateway Payment Profiles” checkbox.    Do not click the Batch Convert button at this point. This will be covered later.   Create a Bambora Merchant Account   Bambora  If needed, create a new account by logging into  https://bambora.com   You will need the following information

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Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab

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Introduction The Customer:Job Form - Tax Info Tab is used to store a variety of tax information regarding the customer. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | New Customer:Job, or New Customer:Job File Path From the toolbar, click the New Customer:Job button. New Customer:Job Toolbar Customer:Job Form - Tax

Electronic Transactions – Checks (ACH)

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Introduction Electronic Transactions - Checks (ACH) in Total Office Manager allows you to accept Checks as payment and get those payments authorized using an internet connection. Setting up or changing processors may be required before Total Office Manager can accept Electronic Checks. The topic assumes that the Electronic Transactions - Gateway Setup has been completed.

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Set up a Loan or Line of Credit

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Introduction A small business may choose to use a line of credit to cover short term cash shortages. Lines of credit can take many forms. Generally, a company makes a request to borrow money against its line of credit via fax or email. The money is then electronically deposited into the company's bank account. The

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Email Addresses for Sending Text Messages

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Introduction In Total Office Manager, you can send text message alerts to mobile devices by email using email-to-SMS addresses.  An email-to-SMS address typically consists of a 10-digit mobile phone number and the mobile carrier’s domain name, in the following format: 1234567890@carrierdomainname.com.  When you send an "email" to these addresses, they arrive as plain text messages.

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Correcting Incorrect Deposit

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Introduction Have you ever recorded a deposit in Total Office Manager and later found you’ve made a mistake? Often, you will not catch a deposit error in Total Office Manager until you are reconciling your monthly bank statement . If a deposit has been recorded incorrectly because a customer payment was entered for the incorrect

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Caller ID – Troubleshooting

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Introduction This help topic covers trouble-shooting your Caller Identifier hardware. This is an optional device that connects to your telephone system. This hardware works in conjunction with our Caller ID Server. Please note, at this time, the Caller ID functionality exists for our on premise customers only. Warning This is an advanced topic designed for

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W-2 Processing

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Introduction Each year the Federal government requires that the employer send a W-2 Form to each employee that received wages for the previous year. Total Office Manager allows you generate W-2 Forms quickly and easily. It also gives you the ability to add any special items that Total Office Manager does not automatically include. Who

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Phone Message

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Introduction Did you know you can send an electronic phone message in Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II? This feature allows you to take phone messages for your co-workers, right on your computer. You don’t even have to get up and deliver the message to them. Total Office Manager does it for you. Use

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