The Menu bar is a navigation pane to access the five main categories of Total Office Manager. The Customers menu includes relevant information to your organization. Examples of subtopics include: Customer:job list, Creating Estimates, Sales Receipts, and Invoices, Receiving Payment from customers, Service Agreements and tracking Customer Equipment.

AIA Billing Overview

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What is AIA Billing? AIA billing is a standardized method of construction billing using a percentage of completed contract method (IE: Progress Billing). The purpose of AIA billing was to standardize the job related paperwork sent to architects and others by contractors. The AIA billing system was developed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in

Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List CDV

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Type: Custom Data View Reports Included: No Description: List of Invoices, Sales, Estimates, and Credits with analysis information attached. This CDV is current limited to transactions for the last three (3) years. Drill Down: Yes, opens transaction (Tran Type)   Columns and data for the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List Custom Data View are outlined below: Column Name

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Setup and Usage of Customer Locations

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Introduction Customer locations provide the ability to assign and track work by varies addresses without creating multiple Customer:Job records. This location will be available for selection on work orders only. With the addition of the location tracking, the location will flow into the line items of invoices with the location association for the work order

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Inventory Transfer

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Inventory Transfer Form Usage This form is primarily used to transfer inventory items from a location (such as your warehouse) to a job. This action will reduce inventory and increase the cost of goods sold (COGS) for the items you transfer. When you transfer items to a job using this form, you will NOT want

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How to Setup Point of Sale (POS)

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Introduction Point of Sales (POS) is a Premium feature within Total Office Manager. To purchase this feature along with Hardware needed, please contact your Sales Representative. POS will give you the ability to do “Retail” Sales with credit card processing to be used with a card present gateway, card swipe, and cash drawer. A card

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How to Use Point of Sale (POS)

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Introduction Point of Sale is a Premium Feature in Total Office Manager. For information about purchase and hardware, please contact your sales representative. Before proceeding with the use of the POS feature please be sure you have read the help topic on Setting up Point of Sale and Receive Payments. The Point of Sale functions

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Setup and Usage of Zone Pricing

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Introduction Zone Pricing allows for up to  ten (10) zone price level pricing for items that may be applied during invoicing.  This pricing will work similar to the Markup feature.  When a zone is assigned on an invoice/sale/estimate/credit, the item retail price will be populated to the selected item zone pricing.  This feature would overrule

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Aptora Mobile II – Auto Email – Part 1 of 2: Setup

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Introduction Aptora Mobile II includes an automated email system for reminders, confirmations, and thank you messages to communicate directly with customers. This topic covers how to setup and use the auto email setup. Note that this feature is different from Aptora's Automated Text Feature that is also offered. Total Office Manager Setup Total Office Manager

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Aptora Mobile II – Automated Text Message – Outbound SMS – Reminder

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Introduction The Automated Text Message Outbound SMS Reminder in Aptora Mobile II is one of four templates within the Automated Texting feature. Its purpose is to send an reminder text message to customers one day prior to their scheduled work order. With it, a text message is sent when the status of work order changes.

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