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Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab

Introduction The Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab is used to store a variety of tax information regarding the customer. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | New Customer:Job, or From the toolbar, click the New Customer:Job button. Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab – Field & Button Definitions Sales Tax Information –  …

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Aptora Mobile II – Add Customer:Jobs

Introduction The Aptora Mobile II – Add Customer:Jobs has been designed to include corresponding tabs displayed on the “Customer” form in Total Office Manager. These data view options are displayed across the “Customer:Add” field on the “Customer” form. When completing information for the first time, click the “Add” button in the upper right corner to …

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Job Types List

Introduction The Job Types List form is hierarchal in nature and allows users of Total Office Manager to create their own structure to match their particular industry. Enter a word or phrase you want to use to categorize the job you are performing for the customer in this list. Form Access From the main menu, …

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Customer:Job List

Introduction The Customer:Job List is used to manage all customers and jobs.  It is the central information center for customers within Total Office Manager. Within the Customer:Job List, users have the ability to sort by active and inactive individuals and create filters or Smart lists to customize the window. Form Access From the main menu, …

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Customer:Job Form – Overview

Introduction The Customer:Job form is used to setup new customers or to create new jobs for existing customers.  It holds the contact and general information for those specific customers or particular jobs.  To get the most out of Total Office Manager, it is strongly recommended to use Title Case when entering data in the program …

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Customer:Job Form – Contacts Tab

Introduction The Customer:Job Form – Contacts Tab is used to record additional contacts for the customer.  These records store electronic contact information only, not postal information.  An unlimited number of additional contact records can be stored in the Contacts tab.  The Caller ID feature scans these entries just as other contacts in the program. Form …

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