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The Menu bar is a navigation pane to access the five main categories of Total Office Manager. The Employees menu includes relevant information to your organization. Examples of subtopics include: Employee List, Timesheets/Time Tracking, Processing Paychecks, Payroll Setup, Payroll Liabilities, Time Off Adjustments, W2 & W3, 940, and 941.

W-2 Processing

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Introduction Each year the Federal government requires that the employer send a W-2 Form to each employee that received wages for the previous year. Total Office Manager allows you generate W-2 Forms quickly and easily. It also gives you the ability to add any special items that Total Office Manager does not automatically include. Who

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Time Tracker Plus – Part 2 of 2: Usage

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Introduction Time Tracker Plus - Part 2 of 2: Usage is a continuation of Time Tracker Plus - Part 1 of 2: Setup. Please refer to this prior to reading. Usage of Time Tracker Plus A detailed step-by-step overview of how to use the app is below. User Log In Screen When the Time Tracker

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Payroll Paystub (from Paycheck)

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Introduction A pay stub (also known as a paycheck stub, pay slip, or voucher) is the document that itemizes how much employees are paid. You will receive a pay stub for each pay period. It shows your total earnings for the pay period, deductions from the total, and your net pay after deductions. Form Access

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History Form (customer:job, vendor, and employee)

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Introduction This help topic covers the History form for customer:jobs, vendor, and employees. The form is very similar for each of these records types, so they will all be included in this topic. Form Access Field & Button Definitions Refresh: The Refresh button updates the Item History window with the latest information available in the

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Importing – Timesheets

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Introduction Timesheets are a vital part of tracking for payroll and job costing.  In Total Office Manager, this information is typically captured through use of the work order stopwatch feature in Aptora Mobile II, from work orders in the desktop, or from manual entry in the timesheets.  Sometimes, outside sources are needed to track employees’

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Time Tracker Plus – Part 1 of 2: Setup

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Introduction Time Tracker Plus™ is an app that adds timesheet entries to Total Office Manager. Its main purpose is to replace the physical time clock that you would find in a traditional office setting.  The app is installed on a mobile device and that device is used as a fixed position. Or it could be

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Worker’s Compensation

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Introduction Total Office Manager offers a Worker’s Compensation Tracking feature. This feature allows you to assign a Worker’s Compensation Code to your Employees’ timesheets to track those wages by earning item or Employee. To use this feature, you will need to enable the Preference under the Payroll options in the main preferences section.  Once enabled, you

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General Overview of Setting Up Payroll

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Introduction This is a very basic topic designed to give you a quick idea of how you go about setting up payroll in Total Office Manager. After you read this section you may then go deeper into this guide for specific details how to do the things mentioned here. The best way to learn about

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Payroll – Process Pay Group

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Introduction Use the Process Pay Group form to easily run payroll for a specific pay group. Form Access From the main menu, click Employees > Process Pay Group (see illustration). Step-by-Step Choose a Pay Group from the drop-down list Choose the Bank Account you wish to draw the funds from. Set the Period Begin Date and

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Unemployment Tax Rates

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Introduction This topic will cover setting up and editing your company's federal and state unemployment tax rates. Form Access From the main menu, click Employees | Unemployment Tax Rates. Unemployment Tax Rates File Path Field Definitions Unemployment Tax Rate Form Federal - The rate for the United States Federal Government. Check

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