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The Menu bar is a navigation pane to access the five main categories of Total Office Manager. The Company menu includes relevant information to your organization. Examples of subtopics include: Company Information, User List/Security, Audit Trail, Appointments & Phone Messages, Reminders and Memorized Transactions, Work Orders, Scheduling & Dispatching, Inventory Control, Asset Manager, and Document Manager.

Phone Message

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Introduction Did you know you can send an electronic phone message in Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II? This feature allows you to take phone messages for your co-workers, right on your computer. You don’t even have to get up and deliver the message to them. Total Office Manager does it for you. Use

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Schedule Board Mapping Setup and Use

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Introduction Schedule Board Mapping is an optional component to the Schedule Board.  This system does require an active service agreement and internet connection in order to register and use daily.  This system contains two sections; a graphical schedule board and a GPS employee tracking map. These two sections work together for efficient scheduling and dispatching.

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How to Import Work Orders

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Introduction The Total Office Manager import system includes two geat import options called “Import Bills/Credits” and “Import Item Receipts”. This system will import all the required information to create a fully completed bill, vendor credit, or item receipt. These transactions will be the same as if they were entered by hand. This import will affect

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How to Use the Scheduling Wizard

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Introduction The Scheduling Wizard is found on the (new) Schedule Board. It gives the user the ability to create scheduled work orders and assign one or more technicians through a simple step-by-step process. Each step of the Scheduling Wizard is split into pages with buttons at the bottom of the page that will be disabled

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Gross Profit Per Person Day KPI

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Understanding Gross Profit Per Person Day Possibly the Most Important KPI you could ever use. The Quick Answer Indicates how well you are applying available field labor top producing gross profit dollars (as opposed to merely sales). This is the number of full business days available to perform work per billable person. It is important

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Inventory Transfer

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Inventory Transfer Form Usage This form is primarily used to transfer inventory items from a location (such as your warehouse) to a job. This action will reduce inventory and increase the cost of goods sold (COGS) for the items you transfer. When you transfer items to a job using this form, you will NOT want

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Handling Core Charges and Returns

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Core Charges Defined A "core" is a used and non-functioning part that can be recycled and sold as a remanufactured part. Some of the recyclable parts that manufacturers consider core parts are water pumps, motors, circuit boards, certain air conditioning compressors, and more. The return of core parts to the manufacturers lowers the cost of

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Repeating and Multi-Day Work Orders

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Introduction The repeating work order feature creates two or more work orders. The work order that is used to create the repeating work orders is the “Master Work Order”. If you delete it, you will delete all of the work orders created from it. You may open the Master WO and edit all of the

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Unit of Measure (UOM)

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Introduction Often companies purchase an item and sell that item in smaller portions. You might purchase a 20’ piece of pipe and sell it by the foot. Unit of Measure (or UOM) allows you to easily buy in bulk and sell that item in smaller pieces. For example, you may have an item called “20’

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List Management – Smart Lists

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Introduction Many of the lists appearing throughout Total Office Manager share common controls and are used in a similar manner.  Most lists which display more than a handful of columns have a Quick Filter as well as a Smart Lists and Filter Center.  The displayed contents of lists can generally be adjusted, sorted, and selected

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