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Administrator Bypass Authorization

Introduction Beginning in the 20.11.400 version, we have added an enhancement called Administrator Bypass Authorization. This functionality allows a specific user of Total Office Manager

Preferences – Items

Introduction The Preferences – Items window is where users configure certain invoice item related default values and functions. Within the preference, there is a ‘My

Audit Trail

Introduction The Audit Trail in Total Office Manager will keep a record of all the changes made to transactions. Usage The audit trail function must

Granting Permission to Users

Introduction Total Office Manager offers an extensive security feature.  When enabled, granting permission to users will require password level access to the software as a

Total Office Manager User List

Introduction Total Office Manager offers your company very robust security. Security features allow you to restrict what various users can do. This topic deals with

Preferences – Cutoff Date

Introduction Preferences – Cutoff Date is where users setup a date in which to disallow changes to data. It is designed as a safeguard for

Preferences – Checking

Introduction Preferences – Checking is where users configure certain checking account related functions. Within this preference, there is a ‘Company Preference’ option only to configure

Preferences – Chart of Accounts

Introduction Preferences – Chart of Accounts is where users select certain Chart of Account (COA) related functions. Within this preference, there is a ‘My Preference’

Preferences – Caller ID

Introduction Preferences – Caller ID is where to enable the Caller ID function for incoming calls to appear, and set various related options. Within this

Preferences – Auto-Recall

Introduction Preferences – Auto-Recall is where users select whether or not Total Office Manager will have the ability to automatically remember the last used information

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