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Assessing Finance Charges

Introduction This topic covers setting up, editing, and assessing finance charges for late payments and overdue accounts to customers.  Interest rates, grace periods, minimum charges and other settings are available options for set up.  This feature works by creating new invoices containing the appropriate fees to customers. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers …

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Electronic Transactions List

Introduction The Electronic Transaction list is used to view and manage all Electronic (i.e. E-Pay) Transactions that are run in Total Office Manager. For how to setup and process transactions, please read the topic on Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | Electronic Transaction | Electronic Transactions List. …

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Receive Payments List

Introduction The Receive Payments List is used to review, research, and manage customers transactions within Total Office Manager. Each transaction that is recorded is available from this form and references the date of the payment and the method type. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | Receive Payments List, or From the toolbar, …

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Payment Method List

Introduction The Payment Method Lists and Add Payment Method form are used to create a new way of receiving payment from customers in Total Office Manager. The name created allows users to associate the corresponding payment type in a drop down list. From this list, a selection can be made on the Customer:job Payment Info …

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Receive Payments

Introduction This topic explains the use of the Receive Payments form. This form is used to receive a payment from a customer and apply that payment to an invoice or to create a credit that can be used later. Usage Use this form to receive payments against invoices that you have created for customers. Please …

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Estimates (Sales Proposals)

Introduction Stated simply, an estimate is used describe a job and calculate its approximate cost to a customer.  However, in Total Office Manager the functionality of an estimate goes well beyond that brief description. A pick ticket can be generated from the estimate, then sent to the warehouse for the necessary parts to be gathered. …

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Work/Ship Method

Work To and Ship To Basics The Work/Ship Method help topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating different shipping methods, you use to send products to your customers. These are also the same methods used by your vendors. Usage Use this form to create a shipping method list of all the different ways …

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