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Automated Email – Usage

How to Use Automatic Email Aptora Mobile II – Auto Email – Usage is a continuation of Aptora Mobile II – Auto Email – Part 1 of 2: Setup. Please refer to this prior to reading. Reminder Email Reminders are sent every day of the week at 12:00 PM (noon) server time (the time zone …

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Schedule Board Mapping Setup and Use

Introduction Schedule Board Mapping is an optional component to the Schedule Board.  This system does require an active service agreement and internet connection in order to register and use daily.  This system contains two sections; a graphical schedule board and a GPS employee tracking map. These two sections work together for efficient scheduling and dispatching. …

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Aptora Teams – Desktop Edition

Introduction This Windows Application allows users to send messages back and forth to their coworkers, inside the office, and outside the office. It features an easy to use interface, lightning-quick performance, and “no-touch” software updates. Users can chat with other employees, whether they are at their computer or working in the field using Aptora Mobile II® …

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Mobile User Configuration and Setup

Configuring Aptora’s Mobile App Aptora Mobile II is cutting edge field service management software developed to complement our award winning desktop accounting software package, Total Office Manager. Aptora Mobile II – User Configuration/Setup will provide mobile access to the information and features technicians, salespeople, and even owners need most. If you are using a tablet/phone …

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Aptora Mobile II – Dashboard

Introduction The first screen users see upon logging in is Aptora Mobile II – Dashboard. It is intended to serve as a hub for the user; a centralized location for all information pertinent to that specific employee. It contains quick-access menus for Work Orders, Appointments, and Reminders among other things. However, the Work Orders and …

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