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Invoice Items – Subtotal

Subtotal Invoice Item Type Invoice Items – Subtotal is used on sales forms where its function is to add up the amounts of all the items above it, up to the last subtotal. A subtotal is created to apply a percentage discount or surcharge to several items at once. Subtotal items allow the freedom of …

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Invoice Items – Service Agreement

Introduction Like most items sold to customers, a Service Agreement must first be setup as an invoice item.  As each service agreement invoice item is setup, an associated discount invoice item is created simultaneously. The service agreement invoice item appears on sales forms as the line item being sold when customers buy one. The associated …

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Invoice Items – Service

Introduction Important: You cannot change a service item to another item type. These items are services (not parts) you buy or sell.  Service Items can include professional fees or labor that you pay for or for services you charge customers. For example, a service item could include: Consulting time for which you charge your customers …

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Invoice Items – Serialized

Introduction An Invoice Items – Serialized is identical to an Inventory Part, except each and every item is tracked according to a unique serial number.  Through serialized items, you can track how many items remain in stock after a sale, how many items you have on order, your cost of goods sold, and the value …

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Invoice Items – Payment

Introduction The Invoice Items – Payment subtracts the amount of a customer payment from the total amount of an invoice or statement.  Payment items are used when you receive a partial payment on an invoice. An example might be a down payment.  If you receive full payment at the time of the sale, use a …

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Invoice Items – Other Charge

Introduction Your business may have miscellaneous charges that you need to add to a customer’s invoice. Or you may also have charges that you want to set up as reimbursable charges. This is where Invoice Items – Other Charge would be used in Total Office Manager. Examples of Other Charges Lifting or crane fees on …

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Invoice Items – Non-Inventory Parts

Introduction Invoice Items – Non-Inventory Parts are items you don’t track in inventory within Total Office Manager. Examples include: Items purchased for a specific job and then quickly sold or invoiced to the customer. Items you sell but do not purchase. Items you purchase but do not resell (for example, office supplies). Items you purchase …

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Invoice Items – Inventory Part

Introduction Invoice Items – Inventory Part are items you buy, track as inventory, and then resell.  Through inventory part items, you can keep track of how many items remain in stock after a sale, how many items you have on order, your cost of goods sold, and the value of your inventory.  Note that Total …

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Invoice Items – Group

Introduction If on sales and invoices you often enter the same collection of items over and over again, consider setting up these items as a single group item.  Invoice Items – Group allows users to select one item on an invoice instead of entering each item individually.  When selected, the components in the group will …

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