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Invoice Items – Subtotal

Subtotal Invoice Item Type Invoice Items – Subtotal is used on sales forms where its function is to add up the amounts of all the

Invoice Items – Service

Introduction Important: You cannot change a service item to another item type. These items are services (not parts) you buy or sell.  Service Items can

Invoice Items – Serialized

Introduction An Invoice Items – Serialized is identical to an Inventory Part, except each and every item is tracked according to a unique serial number.

Invoice Items – Payment

Introduction The Invoice Items – Payment subtracts the amount of a customer payment from the total amount of an invoice or statement.  Payment items are

Invoice Items – Other Charge

Introduction Your business may have miscellaneous charges that you need to add to a customer’s invoice. Or you may also have charges that you want

Invoice Items – Non-Inventory Parts

Introduction Invoice Items – Non-Inventory Parts are items you don’t track in inventory within Total Office Manager. Examples include: Items purchased for a specific job

Invoice Items – Inventory Part

Explaining the Inventory Part Item Type and How it is Used in Accounting Invoice Items – Inventory Part are items you buy, track as inventory,

Invoice Items – Group

Introduction If on sales and invoices you often enter the same collection of items over and over again, consider setting up these items as a

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