Credit Card Authorizations

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This special help topic was designed to assist our own technical support professionals as well as other advanced users to troubleshoot problems they may be having with their credit card authorization feature in Total Office Manager.

Common Problems

The most common cause of errors and problems is incorrectly entered information or incomplete or incorrectly filled in fields. Here are the first things you should look over.

  1. Be sure that you are entering all data correctly. Double check dates, punctuation, and special characters.

  2. Be sure that you have entered in all of the require data. Open the Customer:Job form. You should make certain that your customer information is complete and includes a complete valid address with zip code and phone number.

  3. In the Customer:Job Payment tab, make sure you have a first and last name, CVC number, and valid expiration date.

Note: Field (data) requirements are established in your user account at the website.

These are test card numbers for only.  This the only gateway supported by Total Office Manager at this time. The numbers are used to test the overall software setup and computer connectivity.

If the gateway is in test mode these should always return an approval.  If the gateway is in live mode, these cards will always be declined.  For an expiration date use a date greater then today.  This numbers will also allow you to populate test databases with card numbers that will look valid, but are not actual credit card accounts.

  • 370000000000002      American Express Test Card

  • 6011000000000012    Discover Test Card

  • 5424000000000015    MasterCard Test Card

  • 4007000000027          Visa Test Card #1

  • 4012888818888          Visa Test Card #2

  • 4222222222222          Visa Error Test

  • 3088000000000017    JCB Test Expiration Date 0905

  • 38000000000006        Diners Club/ Carte Blanche (use test expiration date 0905)

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